About Andreas

Andreas BaumgartAndreas Baumgart started working with computers as
they first came up in the 80s. His first project was the Sinclair ZX 81. His hobby became his profession after studying electrical engineering. Subsequently, he gained experience in leading IT positions in different companies. Particularly noteworthy is the design and construction of IT systems fit for the future and their adaptation to the different needs of the companies (data center construction, introduction of virtualization environments, etc). As a lecturer, he instructed students in Lotus Notes applications and introduced practical and business-related perspectives into the lecture.

Since 2013, Andreas Baumgart has been working at Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven as a lecturer where he uses LEGO MINDSTORMS Education for hands on activity. Together with students from different courses, he realized the production line “papercube”, which is programmed in the context of the lectures and various seminar exercises.

The EV3s are programmed in LeJOS, a JAVA for MINDSTORMS.  This teaching concept is preparing students for the corporate world: analyze, structure, and program. Andreas Baumgart was honored for his efforts in the papercube-project with the First Jade Teaching Award of the Jade Hochschule in 2016.

Since April 2017, Andreas Baumgart has been a LEGO Mindstorms Community Partner (MCP). His goal is to inspire and fascinate people with his LEGO Mindstorms ideas.